PLANA Impianti Industriali Srl was established in 1995 drawing on the experience of Zambetti and Lumina Group, a leading company in the construction of industrial plants for power generation, petrochemical, refining and general industrial sectors for over 40 years.

The leadership of Zambetti and Lumina was mostly due to the incorporation of the technology and design of Metrio brand enhanced by PLANA for the quality and reliability reached thanks to an effective operational organization and a proven experience able to satisfy all customer demands.

PLANA focuses daily attention on customers putting a lot of efforts to satisfy them with the best possible quality and quick reaction time and not least, with the continuous research and development of new technological solutions. PLANA can boast the skills required to approach any market with the aim of being a competent, safe and reliable partner ensuring continuity with the Metrio brand, which has always been synonymous with innovation and quality.

PLANA focuses its energies, resources and skills on design and production of the following products:

  • Complete combustion chambers for gas turbines
  • Mixing chambers made of Inconel 617
  • Hot gas inner cases made of Inconel 617
  • Piping manufacturing (high and low pressure)
  • Special equipment and tools for gas turbines, steam turbines and generators
  • Pressure vessels
  • Getters / Degassers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Skids
  • Multiple and biplane dampers
  • Butterfly and round section dampers
  • Diverters
  • Complete exhaust systems
  • Diffusers
  • Guillotines / Stacks
  • • Silencers
  • Textile and metallic joints

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